Onanism definition, onanism meaning



  1. ejaculating outside the vagina during intercourse; (the performing of) Coitus interruptus
  2. masturbation

7 letters in word "onanism": A I M N N O S.

Anagrams of onanism:

Words found within onanism:

ai aim aims ain ains ais am ami amin amino amins amis amnio amnion amnios an ani anion anions anis ann anno anns anon as in inn inns ins io ion ions ios is ism iso ma main mains man mani manis mano manos mans mas mason mi mina minas mino minos mis miso mna mnas mo moa moan moans moas moi mon mona monas mons mos na nain nam nams nan nanism nans naoi naos nas nasion nim nims nis no nom noma nomas nomina noms non nona nonas nos oi om oms on ons os sai saim sain sam san si sim sima sin sma so som soma soman son

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